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Swahili Kitchen at Dexters - 8th July

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Welcome to the first event on the launch of swahili kitchen project.
The evening will start with an introduction of swahili kitchen and the food, and then we will provide a story background on various swahili food presented on this day.

Our guests will have an opportunity to taste and learn about the background of various swahili foods and the culture.

Afterwards we will enjoy dinner together and entertain our guest with a live music which will be performed by artists from Tanzania (names under discprition, on entertainment section). 

The event will take place at a newly opened bar called Dexters bar and restaurant, located at Åboulevard 9ab, København.

For more information please read the discription below.

We are looking very much forward to seeing you all on the launch day.

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Swahili Kitchen

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