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Are Plantain and Banana same things?

Posted by Administrator on Nov 06 2016
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Although it is related to banana group and look like that of bananas but it is not similar to it. No doubt, plantains appear like green bananas, but the totally ripe plantain that is ready to eat is black in colour. They are stuffy, low in sugar, and used in many dishes. They have their popularity in Western Africa and Caribbean countries, and the breed is found mostly in tropical climates. That’s why, in Florida, we find most of the production and are available throughout the year.


It is a well-known fruit in the list and is one of the most famous as many people eat it in breakfast especially in the United States. The banana tree grows about 10 to 26 feet high. It has a high amount of antioxidants present in it and lessens the swelling, secure against diabetes, great for white blood cells and makes the nervous system more powerful. Eating them will defend against the kidney cancer and also balance the blood sugar level in the body.



A banana is available to eat when its cover becomes yellow where as a plantain cannot be eaten till then its skin turn black in colour. They are different in taste too. Plantains are stuffy and starchy, used as a vegetable, and their skin is much thicker than that of the other.

While the bananas are sweet in flavour, thinner by skin, and are eaten as a piece, of fruit, not as a vegetable. Plantains have a look of green bananas, and they could be green, yellow and black in colour. Banana has green colour before they are ripe and holds yellow colour after ripping.


They both are filled with vitamin A. In the United States, Banana is considered as a yellow fruit that can be eaten as raw. Plantains are supposed to be its green coloured relative that can only be consumed after cooked. Both the fruits provide a great deal of nutritional value and bear a prominent place in healthy and balanced diet.

As said before, both of them impart energy. For instance, a cup of sliced Banana carries 134 calories in it while a cup of plantain holds 181 calories. Both of them enhance the vitamin C intake in body and plantain contains a great amount of vitamin A as well.


Everyone knows about Banana and its taste because we eat it mostly but as far as the matter of Plantain is concerned; it could be new to many people. Before going to the supermarket for buying plantains, first try them in some restaurant so that you will be able to know how they taste alike.



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