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Swahili Festival 3rd Novermber 2018

Welcome to Swahili Festival 2018.

Get a test of East Africa -10th March 2017

"Ladies and gentlemen! We are so happy to finally announce that Swahili Kitchen is back with new events and surprises. 

First of all, we want to introduce our new head chef, Annette Niyomwungere. She’s an inspiring young woman from Burundi, who runs her own catering business “Cooking Avenue”, and is a specialized in cooking African food with a Nordic touch.

Swahili Coastal Cuisine - 1st April 2017

Swahili Kitchen would like to present to you a Swahili coastal cuisine evening which will be held Saturday April 1st 2017 at Frode Jakobsens Plads 4, 2710 Vanløse.

On this evening, people will get to taste the most delicious Swahili coastal food prepared in a coastal traditional way. Whether you have been to East African coastal areas before or not, this food is definetely worth a try of tasting!


Swahili Kitchen at Dexters - 8th July

Welcome to the first event on the launch of swahili kitchen project.
The evening will start with an introduction of swahili kitchen and the food, and then we will provide a story background on various swahili food presented on this day.


Chakula cha jioni, Photo Exhibition and Cultural activities - 1st October

Ladies and gentlemen,
Swahili kitchen is back, it is with a great pleasure to invite you to “CHAKULA CHA JIONI”( DINNER) with some live music and photo exhibition and many more 


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