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Swahili kitchen is a project initiated for the purpose of introducing swahili food and culture in Denmark.

Denmark is becoming more diverse and we believe that this diversity should be expressed through food.

The unique selling point of this project is teaching participants on how to cook and prepare Swahili food together with a unique story telling about the foods origin and culture.

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We would like to invite people in our workshops to learn and test Swahili food,

we will be visiting schools and share our knowledge about food, nutrition, and the culture of East Africa.



In the long run we want Swahili kitchen to become a platform to facilitate Swahili culture activities in Denmark


So far we had three successful events:


Launch of Swahili kitchen project on 8th July 2016

Participated at Afro dress up festival 2016 at Rådhusetplads

Chakula cha join, Photo exhibitions and Cultural activities 01st October 2016 and there are more big events to come in the near future.





Swahili Kitchen

Copenhagen, Denmark

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